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New Audi A7 Sportback

Audi’s new design language is certainly evident in the new Audi A7 Sportback, with its sophisticated exterior, spacious cabin and fistfuls of muscle under the bonnet. Exuding comfort, performance and luxury, the new A7 Sportback’s grand touring aspirations are obvious.

New Audi A7 Sportback

But obvious to is the A7’s up-to-date appeal, thanks to the numerous technology add-ons available, including AI systems to take the strain on every trip. Or do they just take all the fun out of driving? Will your motoring future start here with the new Audi A7 Sportback? Find out below and see this new A7 in dealerships from early 2018.

We think the Audi A7 Sportback could be one of the more notable releases announced for 2018. A fusion of Saloon and Avant, the new A7 Sportback, promises a spectacular, clean, spacious design, combined with innovative features that redefine travel, making even the longest journey seem shorter. Sleek, uninterrupted lines blend with fine, contoured details, producing a feat of technical engineering. In effect, the A7 Sportback moves forward everything the A8 does so well and takes it into overdrive. The dash is more succinct, the handling and comfort while on the road more seamless, and the add-ons and connectivity entirely current, if not ahead of the curve. More than just a car, the A7 Sportback will glide across continents, if you really want it to, and even park itself at the other end.

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New Audi A7 Sportback Exterior

A7 Sportback’s fresh design

Laden with sophistication, the new Audi A7 Sportback combines the precision of the A8, which introduced Audi’s fresh take on design, with an accentuated muscularity, featuring large surfaces, sharp edges and sculpted lines. The Singleframe grille, which is both wider and positioned lower than that of the A8, is not only eye-catching and sleek, but also plays host to the many attractive accents that surround it, including bold air inlets and more. Completing the front of the A7 Sportback are 12 adjacent lighting segments that lay the foundations for the HD Matrix LED headlights with signature Audi laser light. Unlike other Audi models, the large bonnet glides upwards, following distinct lines, before surfing effortlessly down the other side – there are no harsh edges here.

As if designed solely for the savvy adventurer whose weekends are filled with long drives to the coast, or through the hills, the A7 combines the practical benefits of the Saloon and Avant, with more than enough rear luggage space. Framing the large luggage compartment is a flat light strip – a feature that has become synonymous with Audi’s top models – which dances when the vehicle is locked and unlocked, emphasising Audi’s devotion to detail, bringing this new mechanical monster alive, even when still.

The new A7 Sportback comes in a choice of 15 colours, eight of which are new. For further refinement, Audi’s S line models offer a modified, sculpted radiator grille, and front and rear diffusers, whilst the entire car is trimmed in gloss black. If the devil is in the detail, this surely must be it.

New Audi A7 Interior

Succinctly A7 on the inside

When Audi introduced its new design language, it didn’t do so half-heartedly. Accompanying an increasingly no-fuss approach to the exterior, the interior of the new Audi A7 Sportback is equally succinct. Rather than bombarding the cabin of the vehicle with endless unnecessary buttons and fobs that leap out at you, Audi’s engineers have worked to a specification of minimal impact with maximum practicality. Every feature, on both the driver’s side and the passenger’s side, is carefully tucked away but encouraged where it counts, such as in the 10.1” screen in conjunction with MMI navigation. This is ever-so-slightly tilted towards the driver for ease of use while driving. When the engine is off, every display, including the screen, sinks back into the body of the vehicle. As soon as the ignition starts, everything you need is in front of you and identifiable, almost instantaneously.

Because of its carefully crafted finish, horizontal lines and all, the A7 Sportback feels spacious and attentive to the drivers of today – those who are impatient, but appreciative of style. The colours, from oak brown through cream, depending on your preference, are earthy and complementary to Audi’s new ethos.

New Audi A7

Fully connected: Audi A7 Sportback Technology

Progressing the new direction introduced by the A8, in both design and purpose, the Audi A7 Sportback pledges allegiance to digitalisation. Predominately, the new Audi A7 is managed entirely from the MMI touch response operating system, which takes the place of dated buttons and controls and, in their place, introduces two large, high-resolution, touch-controlled display screens. Mounted at the centre of the cabin, the innovative touch system includes everything from climate control to external data and even audio. Like a smartphone, the smart dash allows you to personalise the display and add buttons to ‘Favourites’ for easy access. The MMI navigation plus also includes optional voice control which uses a natural speech dialogue system to understand your questions and commands, pulling information from both onboard storage and the cloud simultaneously.

Ideal for shared use and long-distance touring, the Audi A7 boasts a system that is fully customisable – there are more than 400 parameters that can be personalised and up to seven drivers can save their profiles and their preferred settings, providing each driver with a wholly comfortable and personal experience. With the release of the A7 Sportback, Audi has expanded its selection of online services, available through packages, including traffic sign and hazard information services for hassle-free touring.

Audi’s fully connected MMI navigation plus package also comes with a choice of two sound system upgrades, including an advanced sound system from audio pioneers, Bang & Olufsen. The system delivers superior 3D sound for an immersive, entertaining audio experience while on the road.

The New Audi A7

A7 Sportback Autonomous Driving

Coming later in 2018, Audi is set to introduce a variety of AI systems that can be activated effortlessly by pressing the ‘AI’ button inside the car, or by using the myAudi app on your smartphone. Audi’s remote parking pilot and remote garage pilot are the most impressive technologies, as they can manoeuvre the vehicle into and out of parking spaces and garages without you even needing to be in the driver’s seat. However, the trust you’re willing to put in the system and the accuracy you get from it will depend entirely on which package you choose and how much you’re willing to pay – there can be as many as five radar sensors, five cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors and a laser scanner. As well as parking pilot, the Audi A7 Sportback features a total of 29 driver assistance systems, all split into three packages depending on your needs.

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